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Страна: Китай
Почта HR-менеджера:
Город: Фошан
Web компании: www.hotelieronline.com
Типы реализуемых проектов: производственный проект

О компании

Hotelier mainly does a full turnkey solution to hotels. Our solution starts from loose and fixed furniture, architectural and decorative lighting, carpets and rugs, soft furnishings etc. Name it inside the hotel we can do it for you as per your standards and requirements but I would say at a very competitive price.

Hotelier was established in 1996, we have developed a successful portfolio of projects throughout Middle East, and Asia. Our main concern is to always create beautiful, practical and cost efficient hotels that fully comply with the needs of developers, owners, designers and guests.

Hotelier has progressively expanded and now manages business in seven different countries- China, UAE, UK, Germany, China, Qatar, KSA, Egypt. Each country we are in has a team of experienced project coordinators always keeping an eye on the clients business. This versatility has helped us maintain the highest standards of quality while allowing fine tuning of all project costs involved.

Вакансии компании

Название вакансии Тип проекта Должность
Project Manager производственный проект Менеджер проекта уровень 3

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