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Lexwell & Partners

Страна: Украина
Почта HR-менеджера: lexwell@lexwell.com.ua
Город: Киев
Web компании: www.lexwell.com.ua
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О компании

About us




Lexwell&Partners law firm was founded in the course of reorganization of "Vasil Kisil and Partners" law firm. This reorganization was the result of increasing of the legal practice in Ukraine during the recent years and the necessity to introduce the additional groups of specialization. Now we offer a full range of legal service to Ukrainian and international clients. Our major areas of legal practice include mergers & acquisitions, real estate, corporate, securities and finance, litigation, privatization, antitrust, taxation, energy.

Lexwell&Partners has earned an excellent reputation at the Ukrainian legal market among clients and peers, particularly:

  • named No.1 in the rating of high-profile disputes in Ukraine ($1bln) according the Legal Practice (LP), a leading Ukrainian magazine for lawyers in 2009, 2012 and 2016;

  • named No.1 among the Ukrainian Law Firms ranked by revenue per lawyer by the LP in 2014;

  • ranked Tier2 in dispute resolution, tax, real estate, commercial, corporate and M&A practices by the Legal500 in 2014-2017;

  • named Top5 among the most efficient law firms in Ukraine according to the rating of the LP published annually during 2005-2016;

  • named Top10 among the Ukrainian law firms for its international arbitrations and investments practices by the Legal Magazine, one of the leading Ukrainian magazine for lawyers, in its annual review of 2016;

  • named Top15 among the biggest law firms-tax payers by the Voice of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in 2017.

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