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Sigma Software

Страна: Украина
Город: Киев
Web компании: sigma.software
Типы реализуемых проектов: ИТ проекты

О компании

Sigma Software provides top-quality software development services to customers in many sectors. These include government, telecommunications, media & advertising, aerospace, automotive, gaming industry, banking and financial services, real estate, tourism, and entertainment. One of the main areas of our expertise is the development of products for technological startups, led by serial entrepreneurs. In our work with startups, we apply a special methodology based on our 10 year expertise in helping startup companies to develop their products from the initiation phase and to successful exit and further development.

The company's three major business areas are software products development, support and maintenance, and custom software creation including mobile development and IT consulting. We have advanced skills in many different solutions, like e-commerce platforms, document management, business support systems, and processes automation.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We provide software development services to customers located primarily in Western Europe, the USA, and Ukraine.

Sigma Software offices are located in four major Ukrainian cities — Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv, and Lviv — as well as in Warsaw (Poland), New York, San Jose, Bellevue, Los Angeles (the USA), and in many cities in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Väjxö, and others). Our sales and support partners are located in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Customers choose us for our timely, quick and efficient communication, the relationships of trust we build, strong desire and ability to solve problems, and our flexibility.

Вакансии компании

Название вакансии Тип проекта Должность
Project Manager ИТ проекты Менеджер проекта уровень 2

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