Obriy American Express

Страна: Украина Почта HR-менеджера: Hr@obriy.ua
Город: Киев Web компании: http://www.obriy.ua/
Типы реализуемых проектов: ИТ проекты
О компании

Obriy American Express is one of the leading Travel Management Companies providing full range of business travel and meetings management services to corporations.

 Operating on Ukrainian market since 1995. Representing American Express – since 2000.

Obriy American Express is considered to be pioneer in shaping business travel industry of Ukraine in terms of technology and ideology.

Together with traditional scope of service, such as: booking tickets, hotels, ground transportation, visa & passport assistance, meetings management, Obriy American Express is also providing to its corporate customers such value-adds as emergency travel service, strategic sourcing support, sophisticated data management and advisory services. The purpose is – to advise Corporate Customers how they can get more from their travel program, i.e. manage their travel expenses with maximum efficiency, improve costs visibility, drive savings through strategic sourcing initiatives, travel related business-processes outsourcing and optimization, managing travelers behavior etc. And at the same time ensure security and reliability – both to the corporation and individual traveler.

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