Руководитель проектов

Компания: Индустриальная Молочная Компания

Почта HR-менеджера: hr@imcagro.com.ua
Тип проектов: производственный проект
Страна: Украина
Город: Киев
Стажировка: Стажировка не предусмотрена
Дата публикации: 13.11.2016

Требования к кандидату

  • Knowledge of project management, Business Economics, Economics and Accounting
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to lead and/or actively participate in working sessions and stakeholder meetings
  • Ability to motivate people
  • Teamworking skills
  • Communication skills

Функциональные обязаности

The Project Management Office Director performs a wide range of duties including some or all of the following: Plan the project, Staff the project, Implement the project, Control the project, Evaluate the project

  • Defines the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management
  • Coordinates, collects and centralizes all information about the project/
  • Creates a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project
  • Coordinates the implementation of monitoring and evaluation plans for the project
  • Tracks the time to respond the project's time-frame
  • Acquires resources and coordinates the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants
  • Communicates and ensures that right level of information is shared to all stakeholders at the right time
  • Estimates the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals and submit budget proposals, and recommends subsequent budget changes where necessary.
  • Prepares governance meetings to provide visibility to top management on projects/run activities
  • Collates and consolidates the weekly/monthly team reports

Описание вакансии

Discover the opportunity to join one of the largest and most efficient agricultural companies in Ukraine. Every day we work to serve the vital humanity needs in agricultural and food products of high quality.

Industrial Milk Company (IMC) is an integrated agricultural business operating in Ukraine. We are looking for people interested in the opportunity to work for an industry-leading firm that serves the vital humanity needs in agricultural and food products of high quality. The main areas of IMC's activities are: cultivation of grain & oilseeds crops, potato production and dairy farming, storage and processing of grain & oilseeds crops.

In May 2011 IMC conducted IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Industrial Milk Company is present in Chernigiv, Sumy, Poltava region with 136, 7 ths ha of land bank and over 2 600 talented and devoted to their business people.

Position of PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE DIRECTOR in our company is a unique opportunity for exceptionally talented people with a passion for challenges to achieve their potential.

#работа #вакансия

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