Project Manager/BA

Компания: Clickky

Почта HR-менеджера:
Тип проектов: ИТ проекты
Страна: Украина
Город: Одесса
Стажировка: Стажировка не предусмотрена
Дата публикации: 29.03.2018

Требования к кандидату


— Experience working in B2B;
— Logical thinking (is a must!);
— Practical experience in Agile methodologies (Scrum and/or Kanban);
— Experience building queries with SQL or other query languages;
— Practical experience dealing with RESTful API;
— Strong understanding of web application development process (Back-End, Front-End, Quality Assurance and Developers’ Operations);
— Experience working with Jira & Confluence. Strong understanding of its pros and cons.


Будет плюсом

— Pragmatism. You value effective and simple solutions over complicated brain-melters;
— Analytical thinking. You can take a complex concept and make it sound simple, using clear visual references to help;
— Effectiveness. You have a clear understanding of differences between Problem Driven Development and Feature Driven Development;
— Efficiency. You are closely familiar with Product Development Lifecycle (as in CI/CD).

Функциональные обязаности


— Work closely with the engineering team to create features that enhance the product;
— Maintain the product development visibility as a whole (priorities, timelines, documentation);
— Control Definition of Done;
— Promote Continuous Improvement (as in Lean Development);
— Clarify specifications with the development team and stakeholders;
— Prioritize feature requirements for Development and QA teams;
— Inspire your development team to deliver exciting and innovative solutions with an appropriate sense of urgency.

Описание вакансии


— Participation in creation of new products;
— Challenging tasks;
— Investment in your growth and self-development (participation in conferences, seminars, etc.);
— To become a part of a team of highly motivated individuals;
— A competitive salary;
— Opportunities for professional growth within the company.
— Free English lessons;
— Tea, coffee and other office must haves;
— Access to the corporate library;
— 4 weeks of paid vacation;
— Corporate events, competitions and team building events;
— A cosy workplace.

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