Project manager

Компания: BSG

Почта HR-менеджера:
Тип проектов: ИТ проекты
Страна: Украина
Город: Киев
Стажировка: Стажировка не предусмотрена
Дата публикации: 30.04.2018

Требования к кандидату


  • Understanding and practical skills of applying a full cycle of project management
  • Strong skills of using flexible development strategies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban)
  • Deep knowledge of targeting analysis
  • Knowledge of the basic services of web analytics, site indicators
  • The experience of writing quality TK developers Knowledge and confident management skills of developers Ability to adhere to deadlines Skill to work in team Fast learner Successful project management experience for several projects simultaneously MS Project, Jira, MS SureStep, MS Dynamics, 1C, Power BI, SQL, PHP, HTML



Функциональные обязаности


  • Maintenance of the company's projects (quality control, timing, budgets and risks, drafting of the project plan, coordination of the implementation deadlines, maintenance of project and technical documentation)
  • Participation in the selection and approval of the project team. Management of the project team;
  • Management of the development team;
  • Breakdown of the product into components and distribution to the performers;
  • Determining the required resources and working environment, their distribution within the team;
  • Setting the workflow in a team (development, testing, work with requirements);
  • Prioritizing tasks;
  • Organization of the team's work around the required task.

Описание вакансии


  • Several salary and position reviews per year;
  • Official employment;
  • Friendly young team;
  • Comfortable workplace, new office;
  • Pillows, sofa and bar for comfortable position of your body during work;
  • Relaxation programs: mini football, game console, table tennis, corporate events;
  • Regular conduct of business trainings by a regular trainer;
  • Fruits and biscuits;
  • The office is located near the American embassy (Beresteiska metro station) in a modern business center, in a green area with fresh and clean air.

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